Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Paper Plates of Plastic

Sorry for my long absence! I was in Mackinac Island for the weekend with my husband and his parents! Usually I am so good about blog posting, but I didn't have my computer on me so, unfortunately, it's been too long! Speaking of Mackinac Island, I found these awesome plates there that I was completely enthralled by. I know, what's so special about a paper plate? (drum roll...) Well, it's the fact that the plate above is not paper, but plastic!!! (pause for gasp) Yes indeedy. And these plates even have cute little ants stamped across them to take you to a picnic scene. They are made by one hundred and 80 degrees and I love them! This opens up the realm for so many new products! Glass solo cups? Cloth napkins that look like paper ones? White metal sporks that look like white plastic ones?! The possibilites are really endless on this one. It's classy picnic-ware for the home.

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