Sunday, June 12, 2011

Medical Chic

I would never guess that people would want to use medical inspiration in their rooms since hospitals are usually cold and uninviting. Oddly, I have seen eye charts a lot in interior design lately. Sometimes the letters spell words, other times they are just a traditional eye chart, either hanging on a wall or ironed on a pillow. I actually am a fan of this trend and think it is the start of a "medical chic" movement. Below is another example of medical chic from Emily Henderson's blog. I like this use of the red cross flag for this trend too. I think both of these design examples are great statement pieces and add some personality to a space. Somehow, they are both warm and inviting to me as well and not at all hospital-like. I think the key to pulling off this look is to make the item your main statement piece. Too many eye-catchy items meshed with a medical chic piece would make this look unsuccessful.

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